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    Lunchtime Talk:  Online Event - Telebars and Tinned Jam: The History of Food at M&S

    Online Event - Telebars and Tinned Jam: The History of Food at M&S

    Thursday 16 September

    Did you know M&S had in-store ice-cream counters in the 1920s? Or that we opened our first food-only store in 1987? Join us to explore the delicious history of M&S Food.

    Online Event

    This is a pre-recorded talk featuring original archive images introduced by our Archivist, who will be available to respond to questions during and following the talk.

    Running time - 30 minutes.

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    Online Event


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    Online Event - Bringing High Fashion to the High Street: M&S and Jaeger

    20th October 2021

    A fascinating event looking at two of Britain’s most iconic retailers.


    Lunchtime Talk

    Online Event - More Than Just Marks and Sparks: M&S and the War Effort

    12th November 2021

    Find out how M&S supported customers, colleagues and the country during the Second World War.


    Lunchtime Talk

    Online Event - From Washable Wool to Winceyette: Winter Fashions at M&S

    9th December 2021

    Discover how we’ve kept customers warm and stylish in the winter months, for over 90 years.


    Lunchtime Talk

    Online Event - Mini, Midi or Maxi: 1970s Fashion at M&S

    28th January 2022

    It’s not just flares and crimplene! Explore a decade of innovation, style and celebrity customers!