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  • Wine Online: M&S wine past and present
  • Wednesday, 3rd February 2021

    Wine Online: M&S wine past and present

    Made it through Dry January? Like to emerge from lockdown with new knowledge about the wonderful world of wine? Then our FREE Wine Online resource is for you! 

    M&S began selling wine in 1973 and our online resource combines original archive sources with M&S wine expertise and the tools to explore and enjoy wine within your household or social bubble. The resource is specially adapted from the popular ‘Raise Your Glasses’ wine tasting events that the M&S Company Archive usually hosts at this time of year.

    Simply click on the links below to access each section of the resource. You can use as many or as few as you like, it's your event!

    Warm up with this wonderful vintage M&S wine advert, our M&S Wine Timeline and Archive images to take you back.

    Then get started with the Contents list (including links to help you choose and buy your wine), Host Your Own Wine Tasting Evening instructions and How to Play.

    You'll also need the Scoring Sheet, Tasting Guidance pages and information on Grape Varieties.

    Feeling peckish? Here's a guide to Food Pairings with wine.

    Keep things interesting with our Trivia Between Tastings quiz questions and Talk Between Tastings wine-themed conversation starters.


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