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  • Monday, 8th April 2013

    Second Time Around

    Have you got a favourite M&S item that's come back into fashion? Maybe your children or grandchildren are wearing your M&S clothes to create their own style that's bang on trend?

    Avril Spencer bought this colourful nightdress for her two year old daughter in 1971, and who wore it until she was 7. Avril kept the nightdress safe, and more recently it has been worn by two of her granddaughters who loved the bright colour and pretty detail. It's now on display here at the Marks in Time Exhibition.

    This got us wondering how many other garments there are being re-used and re-invented as fashions come around for a second time. Is there something in your wardrobe that would fit the bill?

    If so we’d love to hear from you – you don’t need to donate your item, all we're looking for is a picture and some information about how and when you acquired it.

    Get in touch by email at companyarchive@marksandspencer.com or find us on Twitter @MandSHeritage and the best entries will be featured on our website.


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