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  • Never-Before-Seen items in new exhibition
  • Monday, 7th January 2013

    Never-Before-Seen items in new exhibition

    We have a huge collection of artefacts here at the Archive, and with a record number of donations from the public last year we now have even more treasures to share. To make sure that we can display the very best items, and also protect them from over-exposure to light and humidity, we refresh the Marks in Time exhibition on a regular basis.

    If you've visited us a number of times you will have noticed that new objects, garments, documents and images appear every few months. This means we can show much more of the collection and give pride of place to the special artefacts that you donate.

    Our Spring highlights include a pair of beautiful 1930s Art Deco vases, a boldly-patterned 80s polyester dress and suits made using recycled plastic bottles that are currently in stores.

    It's always a great feeling to see the items you bring us beautifully displayed in the Marks in Time exhibition. We hope you'll pop in soon to see them for yourself!

    You'll also be able to see our new temporary exhibition, Creative Challenge 2012.

    Last year, M&S's Head of Packaging Design set a creative challenge for students in the School of Design at the University of Leeds. The brief was to take inspiration from the M&S Company Archive collection to design a range of gift products, complete with packaging and a marketing identity, for M&S.

    From salmon paste to cocktail shakers, the resulting work makes for an inspiring exhibition and is currently on display at the Michael Marks Building.


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