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  • M&S Company Archive Kids Takeover Online Exhibition
  • Wednesday, 3rd April 2019

    M&S Company Archive Kids Takeover Online Exhibition

    We’ve handed over the entire exhibition to eight groups of young people. They have re-curated each display case, from choosing which objects to show to writing the labels. As well as showcasing some objects that have never been selected before, our young curators have given a fresh new voice to the M&S story - the whole process has been in their hands.

    We asked pupils to think creatively and use their imagination to interpret the objects without any background information. This meant using observational and creative writing skills, as well as some historical knowledge. Next to the lightbulb symbol on the labels you will see this first impression and interpretation of the object.

    We then sent each group a selection of archive material related to their objects. This could be a press release about an exciting new product or a report showing how many we sold of a particular item. Pupils used these primary sources to find factual information about the objects, developing their enquiry and literacy skills. Their research allowed them to write a second label reflecting this new-found knowledge - seen next to the magnifying glass symbol.

    We wanted Kids Takeover to be accessible to everyone, wherever they were, so the entire project took place online, using a platform called Padlet. Working in this way allowed us to build a conversation with the schools, sharing information and ideas and tracking the progress of the project.

    We have turned all the children’s hard work into real-life exhibition displays at the Company Archive, installing 135 items and 270 labels!

    You can find out more from the children themselves by watching the films they have made about taking part in Kids Takeover.

    Each group has a section below, you can see all of their object labels, read their About Us message and watch their films by clicking on the links.

    1900-1920 (ID 5223) 

    1900-1920: Moortown Primary School Year 6, Leeds

    Read more about Moortown Primary School

    1900-1920 safe pocket-beardshaver-gogo box (ID 5225) grater caption (ID 5270) 1900-1920 about us and fork (ID 5224) fork caption (ID 5269)

    Read all of Moortown Primary's labels here

    black space (ID 5286)

    1920-1940: Millbrook Primary School Year 4, Greater Manchester

    Read more about Year 4 at Millbrook Primary School

    1920-1940 (ID 5226) 

    1920-1940 glass train and suspenders (ID 5227) glass train caption (ID 5271) 1920-1940 tea set-home safes (ID 5228) home safe caption (ID 5272)

    Read all of Millbrook Primary's labels here

    The pupils at Millbrook Primary have made a fabulous film to tell us more about their Kids Takeover. Click here to watch...

    black space (ID 5286)

    1940-1949: Cedar Park School Year 6, Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire

    Read more about Cedar Park School

    1940s (ID 5229) 1940s spitfire ARP (ID 5231) spitfire caption (ID 5274) 1940s dreamers uniform (ID 5230) pyjamas caption (ID 5273)

    Read all of Cedar Park's labels here

    Year 6 at Cedar Park made a brilliant film about their experience of taking part in the Kids Takeover, click here to watch...

    black space (ID 5286)

    1950-1960: Holy Name Catholic Voluntary Academy Year 6, Leeds

    Read more about Holy Name Catholic Voluntary Academy

    1950s (ID 5232) 1950s childs coat (ID 5234) coat caption (ID 5275) 1950s dresses-till (ID 5233)

    Read all of Holy Name Academy's labels here

    Year 6 at Holy Name have put together an amazing film to tell you more about their Kids Takeover project, click here to watch...

    black space (ID 5286)

    1960-1970: Millbrook Primary School Year 5, Greater Manchester

    Read more about Year 5 at Millbrook Primary School

    1960s (ID 5235) 1960s butter brazils (ID 5237) brazils caption (ID 5276) 1960s hat (ID 5236) hat caption (ID 5278)

    Read all of Year 5's labels here

    black space (ID 5286)

    1970-1990: Home Educated Families

    Read more about the Home Educated families here

    1970-1990 (ID 5238) 1970-1990 cosmetics (ID 5240) eyeshadow caption (ID 5279) 1970-1990 sell by (ID 5239) sellby caption (ID 5280)

    Read all of the Home Educated families' labels here

    The Home Educated families made a wonderful film that introduces everyone and takes you on their Kids Takeover journey. Click here to watch...

    black space (ID 5286)

    1990-2010: Bramley Park Academy Year 3, Leeds

    Read more about Bramley Park Academy here

    1990-2010 (ID 5241) 1990-2010 red dress (ID 5243) red dress caption (ID 5282) 1990-2010 pud (ID 5242) pud caption (ID 5281)

    Read all of Bramley Park Academy's labels here

    Year 3 at Bramley Park created a super video about taking part in the Kids Takeover, click here to watch...

    black space (ID 5286)

    2010 Onwards: Hipperholme Grammar Junior School Form 4, Halifax

    Read more about Hipperholme Grammar Junior School here

    2010 omwards (ID 5244) 2010 paddington (ID 5245) paddington caption (ID 5285) 2010 coat (ID 5246) red coat caption (ID 5290)

    Read all of Hipperholme Junior School's labels here

    Form 4 have made an awesome film about their favourite bits of Kids Takeover, click here to watch...

    The Archive team are thrilled with the Kids takeover exhibition, it's turned out so much better than we could have hoped, which is all down to the enthusiasm, hard work and wonderful imaginations of everyone involved. Thank you!!


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