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  • Exclusive launch - The Illustrated Archive
  • Wednesday, 30th July 2014

    Exclusive launch - The Illustrated Archive

    Over the last week we have released five of the set of twelve illustrations created by emerging artist, Annie Rickard Straus, as part of our ‘Illustrated Archive’ series. Yesterday, at an exclusive launch event, we revealed Annie’s designs for the first time, alongside some of the original archive items that inspired them.

    This unique collection of illustrations, inspired by items such as 1950s new look dresses, wartime rationing items, historic food packaging and images of the first M&S research and textile laboratory, have also been compiled into a creative new illustrated book. The ‘Illustrated Archive’ book showcases the cultural and artistic value of the Archive and will be distributed to cultural centres and museums around the country to promote the collection and resources available at the M&S Company Archive.

    Annie’s illustrations give an entirely fresh and new way of using the collection and will be displayed in our temporary exhibition space from September. Check out all of the ‘Illustrated Archive’ series below and see them presented on Annie's website.

    140106_pennym&s_RGB_High (ID 2212)

    140106_till_RGB_Low (ID 2268)

     140106_fairy_RGB_Low (ID 2269)

    140106_cafe_RGB_Low (ID 2270)

    140106_lab_RGB_Low (ID 2271)

    140106_rationing_RGB_Low (ID 2272)

    140106_cycling_RGB_Low (ID 2273)

    140106_dresses_RGB_Low (ID 2274)

    140106_hats_RGB_Low (ID 2275)

    140106_packaging_RGB_Low (ID 2276)

    140106_nash_RGB_Low (ID 2277)

    140106_mmbuilding_RGB_Low (ID 2278)


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