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  • Packaging Designs from Brodetsky Primary!
  • Wednesday, 20th June 2018

    Packaging Designs from Brodetsky Primary!

    We were thrilled to hear that Year 2 pupils at Brodetsky Primary School have been learning all about packaging, chocolate and M&S!

    The class started their chocolate theme by learning about where cocoa beans come from and how chocolate is made. Pupils then enjoyed sampling different types of chocolate, learning and using new vocabulary to comment on texture, smell and taste. Everyone voted on their favourite, and by using a tally chart to record votes the pupils were able to create their own bar charts to represent the results of the testing.

    The next stage invovled looking at packaging. As well as using some current examples, Year 2 received a pack of archive images of chocolate products to use as inspiration.

    Telebars 1955 (ID 3132) Chocolate Wafer Biscuit 1956 (ID 3131)

    After making some preliminary sketches, pupils created their final idea. As well as drawing and collage, pupils used printng techniques to create repeated patterns, linking maths and art.

    We're sure you'll agree the designs are fabulous! Great work Year 2!

    Brod 1 (ID 3118)

    Brod 2 (ID 3119) 

    Brod 3 (ID 3120)

    Brod 4 (ID 3121)

    Brod 5 (ID 3122)

    Brod 6 (ID 3123)

    Brod 7 (ID 3124)

    Brod 8 (ID 3125)

    Brod 9.JPG


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