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  • Learning at Home: Packaging - Discover & Design activities for children aged 4-11 years
  • Tuesday, 22nd December 2020

    Learning at Home: Packaging - Discover & Design activities for children aged 4-11 years

    Can you create your own packaging just like our designers at M&S?

    You will need:

    •       Food packaging – boxes, wrappers, cartons, bottles – it doesn’t matter if the food is still inside

    •       Craft equipment – scissors, glue, colour pens/pencils

    •       Box Net Pattern worksheet printed on thick paper or card

    Younger children will need some assistance with the activities


    We see packaging all around us. It’s everywhere! Have you ever wondered why there are so many different shapes, colours and designs?

    net thumb (ID 14117)     

    Click here to watch the film and find out more


    ACTIVITY IDEA: Look around your kitchen. Can you choose 5 different pieces of packaging to look at more closely? 

    • ·       What is the object inside?
    • ·       How do you know what it is?
    • ·       What colours and shapes can you see?
    • ·       Does it have any textures?
    • ·       What different types of information can you find? Look for writing, symbols, pictures, numbers
    • ·       Who is it aimed at? Is it for adults, children or a special occasion?

    You could also think about;

    • ·       Why do you think there is so much information on the packaging?
    • ·       Which bits of the design tell you what the packaging contains?
    • ·       Which bits of the design tell you who the product is for? Is it for children or adults? A special occasion?


    Let’s have a go at designing our own packaging for a box of biscuits! Our designers at M&S start out by creating a mood board to help them collect all their ideas into one place. Here is an example:

    At home mood board (ID 14118)


    ACTIVITY IDEA: Can you create a mood board for your biscuit box? Choose a theme as a focus like nature, autumn or a birthday. You could sketch, write or cut and stick images from magazines and other packaging.


    ACTIVITY IDEA: What will you call your biscuits? Here’s an idea to help you generate your own tempting name!

    Name Your Biscuit Activity


    ACTIVITY IDEA: Can you use the ideas from your mood board to design a box for your biscuits?


    Print the Box Net Pattern worksheet onto card or thick paper. What we have here is a net of a 3D shape. A net is a 2D pattern that can be folded to make a 3D shape. 

    design your packaging thumb (ID 14116)

    Click here to watch the film and find out more


    Now it’s your turn;

    1.      Draw a design on the 2D net

    2.      Cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines

    3.      Glue the tabs as labelled and fold into a box

    It may help to number the sides 1-4 so that you can see how the design will look when the net is folded.

    numbered net (ID 14120)
    numbered box (ID 14119)

    Think about...
    • ·       What food product is your box for?
    • ·       What information/design would be best on the front of your box?
    • ·       What information should go on the back, sides and top of your box?
    • ·       What sort of recycling information do you want to include?

    For further discussion;
    • ·       Could you design your box to be reusable?
    • ·       What instructions could you include to transform your box for another use?

    Maybe you're an M&S designer of the future!

    We'd love to see how you get on! You can email photos of your creation to us at company.archive@marksandspencer.com, and we might even add it to this page!

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