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  • Learning at Home: Fabric & Fashion activities for children aged 4-11 years
  • Tuesday, 22nd December 2020

    Learning at Home: Fabric & Fashion activities for children aged 4-11 years

    Can you investigate the properties of fabrics and invent some future fashion?

    You will need:

    A selection of different fabrics eg fleece, denim, silk, polyester, wool – these can be garments or items from around your home.

    Younger children will need some assistance with the activities


    A fabric is something you can make clothes out of (it’s one example of a type of material from which a thing is or can be made eg metal, brick or glass). There are a lot of different types of fabric! We’re going to explore some of them; where they come from, their properties and their uses.

    at home fabrics mix (ID 14124)


    ACTIVITY IDEA: Look around your home. Can you find 5 different types of fabric? Use your senses to explore them.


    • •       What does it look like?
    • •       What does it feel like?
    • •       What does it sound like when scrunched or rubbed together?
    • •       Does it smell of anything?
    • •       Do you know the names of any of these fabrics?
    • •       What can they been used to make?


    Some fabrics are NATURAL (they come from plants or animals) and others are SYNTHETIC (made using chemicals in a factory). Here are some examples:


    at home natural synth examples (ID 14125)


    Look at the labels on the fabrics you have found. You could go and find some more items of clothing so that you’ve got lots of different examples.


    • ·       What are the names of the fabrics you have found?
    • ·       Are the clothes made of one fabric or a mixture?
    • ·       What other information can you find on the labels?



    At M&S, we are always trying to think of new and better ways of making or doing something, that makes the process easier or solves a problem. This is called INNOVATION. Let’s look at some examples of clothing innovations at M&S in this film:

    innov thumb (ID 14123)

    Click here to watch the film and find out more

    ACTIVITY IDEA: Can you invent an innovative piece of clothing? What problem does it solve? (This could be something practical like making it easier to get dressed in the morning or a perfect swimming outfit… or you could think about living on another planet, or in a different environment and what sort of clothing you would need!)

    Think carefully about what properties the clothing would need to have.

    You can use this printable sheet to work on if you’d like to Click here to download the Future Fashion worksheet

    Maybe you're an M&S designer of the future!


    We’d love to see how you get on! You can email a photo of your creation to us at company.archive@marksandspencer.com, and we might even add it to this page!

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