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  • A Living Archive: Using Archives to Teach Gender
  • Wednesday, 9th October 2013

    A Living Archive: Using Archives to Teach Gender

    We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Using Archives to Teach Gender project by Dr. Maria do Mar Pereira. Funded by a University Student Education Fellowship at the University of Leeds, Gender Studies students used the M&S Company Archive and Feminist Archive North (FAM) to gather a set of resources which capture the key themes in the teaching of gender.

    This online resource includes downloadable text and images to inspire and support tutors, as well as providing suggestions for further research using the archive collections on campus.

    The project has been extremely well received across the University and beyond, and we’re keen to see this project inspire others to use archives and to discover the M&S archive collection!

    Explore Using Archives to Teach Gender here - www.gender-archives.leeds.ac.uk

    This 1940s recruitment poster is one of the many records being used by Gender Studies students.


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