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  • Magic & Sand: M&S at the Seaside
  • Wednesday, 22nd July 2015

    Magic & Sand: M&S at the Seaside

    We loved being beside the seaside on Saturday when visitors joined us for Magic & Sand: M&S at the Seaside. There were some magnificent castles created in the sand pits and some wonderful swimsuit designs drawn in the Kids’ Area. There was lots of laughter for Punch & Judy, and Quentin the Magician had everyone spellbound by his amazing magic tricks. With exhibition tours and Archivist’s talks, traditional Wurlitzer music playing and a great spread of seaside treats on offer everyone had a fantastic time.

    We had some wonderful feedback from visitors:

    “Amazing that it’s all free – we’re going to make a day of it”

    “We loved Punch and Judy, and the snacks were great for the kids”

    “My daughter enjoyed looking at the dresses”

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