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  • Our most popular schools workshop is now online!
  • Thursday, 31st December 2020

    Our most popular schools workshop is now online!

    Our Proof of the Pudding resource explores the science of baking and chocolate, the functions of different ingredients in our Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding, the power of advertising and product design... and of course we've included a delicious taste test activity!

    Melt in the Middle Choc Pud (ID 3212)

    Q: What’s your favourite pudding? Why do you like it so much?  


    WATCH the Promoting the Pudding film (link to our You Tube page)


    Q: Why do you think so many people bought the pudding after seeing the advert? 


    It took 18 months for the pudding to be developed, this is a long time in food development terms. Can you think why it took so long to get it right? 

    Now WATCH the Perfect Pudding? Film and look for all the ways the pudding goes wrong.  

    Think about what else might have gone wrong during the testing and development of such a complicated product. 

    ACTIVITY: What would a failed pudding look, smell and taste like? 

    Q: What about a successful pudding? Write or draw your answers.


    Now it’s your turn to be a food technologist and invent a new pudding!  


    ACTIVITY: Invent a new pudding product.  

    You will need: Invent a Pudding worksheet or a sheet of paper, pencil, coloured pens or pencils.  

    Method: Draw your invented pudding, give it a name, label the drawing and write a list of ingredients. 


    INVENTING TIP – Getting started 

    Coming up with a new idea can be really tricky. Try thinking about your top two favourite puddings and combine the best bits to make something totally new! 


    Further challenges:  

    Design an advert for your pudding
    Can you adapt the pudding for a specific dietary requirement? Our Food Technologists develop products for a wide range of dietary requirements and choices e.g. vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar. These resources might help - Modify the Pudding worksheetDietary Requirements resource


    Ice Cream thumb (ID 17772)

    ACTIVITY: Make your own ice cream in a bag.

    Now we’re going to investigate fats and think about the difference between a full fat and a reduced fat pudding. To find out more we're going to try making ice cream in a plastic bag! You’ll be using two different milks so that you can compare the results.  


    The Ice Cream Instruction sheet tells you exactly what you need and what to do, and you can also watch our Ice Cream film to see the whole process from start to finish. Record your results on the Ice Cream Observation sheet or make your own version.


    If you don’t want to make ice cream you could conduct a taste test to compare full fat and reduced fat foods like yoghurt, cheese, coleslaw or houmous. Have a look below for tips on running a taste test. 



    • Aprons are recommended, this can be a messy activity! 

    • Using two large freezer bags for the ice is recommended to safeguard against the bag splitting during shaking. 

    • Keeping one hand on the bottom of the bag when shaking also helps to prevent splitting. 

    • The ice bags get cold! You could wear warm gloves for the shaking bit or share the shaking if you have people at home to help. 

    • Try to make sure the milk bag stays upright when you put it into the ice bag, and that it also has contact with plenty of ice. 

    • Have several spare bags, ice and milk on hand in case of any spills or splits. 


    ACTIVITY: Taste test. 

    You will need: M&S Chocolate Melt in the Middle puddings, Taste Test score sheet


    Let’s do a taste test with the M&S Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding – just like our food technologists do with all our food products. Remember to eat slowly so you can concentrate on what you can taste and what textures you can feel.  


    Taste the pudding and score it out of five against the criteria on the worksheet or you can create your own criteria.

    Q: Which criteria did you give the lowest score and why? 

    Q: Which one did you give the highest score and why? 

    Q: Suggest one thing that would improve the pudding.

    Allergens and Dietary Requirements 

    • The puddings do not contain nuts but are not suitable for people with nut/peanut allergies due to the manufacturing process. 

    • Puddings contain milk, egg, gluten and soya. 

    • Puddings are suitable for vegetarians. 

    • You can edit the Taste Test and adapt the criteria for any other food you are using if you can’t eat the pudding. 


    Maybe you’re an M&S food technologist of the future! 

    We’d love to see how you get on! You can email a photo of your pudding creation or adaptation to us at company.archive@marksandspencer.com, and we might even add it to this page! 



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    Trey, Lady Bankes Junior School
    Wednesday 7 July
    Q 1. My favourite pudding is chocolate log with fresh fruit. It is delicious.
    Archive Team, Leeds
    Thursday 8 July
    Mmm we'd agree Trey, that sounds amazing!