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  • New Free Memory Box Launched
  • Monday, 25th September 2017

    New Free Memory Box Launched

    We've just launched our fourth free Memory Box! Our Memory Boxes are perfect for reminiscence therapy with older people and people with dementia.

    Our new box contains replica food packaging from the 1950s to the 1980s, as well as photographs and adverts of food at M&S through the years.

    Our Memory Boxes are free to borrow and can be booked by care homes and memory cafes for a maximum of two weeks. Boxes include 'What We Wore', 'Childhood', 'Days and Nights Out' and the new 'What We Ate'.

    Contact us on 0208 718 2800 or company.archive@marksandspencer.com for more information.

    Click here to see what else we can offer your community group.


    Fruit Pastilles (ID 2588)


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    Carole Reynolds, Bridlington
    Monday 28 October
    Hi my name is Carole I work at Red House Residential home in Bridlington we think our residents who have dementia would Get a lot of good memories as a lot of our residents shopped in marks and spencers throughout the years thank you
    Sharon , Falmouth
    Sunday 16 February
    Our memory cafe would love this
    Randika, Welwyn Garden City
    Tuesday 6 October
    can I please get memory box delivered. I am working in home care and this is very helpful for our clients.
    The Archive Team, Leeds
    Wednesday 14 October
    Hi Randika, we're not able to run our Memory Box service at the moment but you can download our free Marking Moments and image resource packs from our Community page here https://marksintime.marksandspencer.com/community. Best wishes, The Archive Team
    samantha Winterbottom, westmeads extra care, royston, barnsley.
    Saturday 11 December
    afternoon, my name is Samantha winterbottom and ive just started working for guinness care and support. i work in a extra care scheme for people over 55 we have 50 flats an 7 bungalows. i would like to do a group session with peoples memories. could we please be considered to use one of your memory boxes to help us do this activity.
    Archive Team, Leeds
    Wednesday 15 December
    Hi Samantha, please send us an email at company.archive@mands.com and we'll be able to get back to you. Many thanks, the Archive team.
    Lesleyann Leighton, St Cuthberts Hospice Durham DH1 3QF
    Wednesday 23 November
    Hi my name is Lesleyann Leighton, I work for St Cuthberts Hospice in Durham as part of the Dementia Services. I am the Namaste coordinator and would love to use your memory boxes to help promote well-being with mt patients.
    Archive Team, Leeds
    Wednesday 23 November
    Hi Lesleyann, please send us an email at company.archive@mands.com and we'll be able to get back to you. Many thanks, the Archive team.