1990 - 2010

We now had to create improved products and get them to our customers faster than our rivals.

The melting middle chocolate pudding idea came from our food developer Elaine Kessler. Based on chocolate fondant, a classic French dessert, no other big retailer had ever managed to make it before, and it took 3 times as long to create as usual. The trouble was its liquid centre. It had to survive storage and transportation without soaking into the outside sponge. It took a lot of time, trials and chocolate to get it right but proved a massive success.

In the clothes department new, more exciting lines like per una and Autograph appeared with the help of famous names like Patricia Fields, George Davies and Paul Smith. Collaborations are still keeping us at the cutting edge of fashion.

And as we look to the future, there is Plan A. Our 100-point eco-plan affects every aspect of M&S from in-store heating to product labelling, and from waste management to manufacturing. Our principles of Inspiration, Innovation, Integrity and In Touch are mirrored by Plan A in targeting climate change, waste, sustainable raw materials, fair partnerships and health.
Melting middle chocolate puddings are one of our most successful products

This silk dress was worn by Dame Shirley Bassey in the 2007 M&S Christmas TV advert. The ‘Your M&S’ adverts featuring celebrities began in 2005.

Watch M&S adverts from the 1990s

2006 saw Limited Collection introduce ‘fast fashion’ to M&S, quickly bringing catwalk trends to customers. These sandals hit the stores within 4 weeks.

This dress, designed to celebrate 125 years of M&S, uses a print originally designed by the artist Kathleen Guthrie in the 1940s.


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Sophie, London
Thursday 7 March
I remember when the first Harry Potter film was coming out and M&S did chocolate frogs! There were also children's games too.