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    These memories tell a unique story of M&S through the eyes of our customers and employees

    My mum looks great in the 50s inspired 125 dress - now I know what she looked like when she was young!

    My earliest memory of Marks & Sparks is going shopping with my mum and younger sister to buy new pants, socks and an outfit for Whitsuntide. On Whit Sunday we would dress in our new clothes and parade amongst family.

    Lynne Barrett

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    I started working at M&S in 1960 age 18 at the new store in Manchester. I worked on the section with ladies blouses and trousers, I even modelled them on a Saturday for the customers. I have very fond memories of the store, and the people.
    I remember shopping for all our clothes at M&S. Dresses used to have a thread in the hem that could be pulled out to make the skirt longer and therefore wearable for a longer period of time. Very useful when it was a favourite. Coats had the same facility in the sleeves.
    Pamela Zargarani
    I am still wearing a blouse that my grandmother bought from M&S in the early fifties! It has the utility mark on the label.
    Jill Hamilton
    I remember being dressed completely in M&S clothes at the age of 15, and of being extremely proud of the fact!
    Jill Hamilton
    My fondest memory of M&S is buying a knitted suit when I was about 17/18 years old, it was a turquoise blue, I loved it, loved M&S 'cos although I was very slim then, M&S clothes were such a generous cut, you could wear a size smaller.
    Carol Shaw
    I have been a loyal customer and shopped at M&S since 1965 when I was a little girl and often hid under clothes rails as my mother shopped. I would then panic if I couldn't find her but the lovely staff never failed to come to my rescue. I still hang around those tempting rails of clothes and I'm 52.
    Mandy Chadwick
    My mum looks great in the 50s inspired 125 dress - now I know what she looked like when she was young!