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    These memories tell a unique story of M&S through the eyes of our customers and employees

    My mum looks great in the 50s inspired 125 dress - now I know what she looked like when she was young!

    My earliest memory of Marks & Sparks is going shopping with my mum and younger sister to buy new pants, socks and an outfit for Whitsuntide. On Whit Sunday we would dress in our new clothes and parade amongst family.

    Lynne Barrett

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    I remember when I started work at M&S Durham Store in 1964 everyone had to address you by your full name... Mrs Smith or Miss Jones.. no first names were allowed to be used at all. It seems so silly now when I think about it, but it was like this for a great many years.
    carol harle
    I wore blue nylon overalls when I first stared at M&S in 1964 - I was the first 15 year old to be taken on, as you had to be 18 before then. I retired last year, June 2012
    Carol Harle

    I found a pair of St Michael tights in the back of my drawer today. They must be from the late 70's or early 80's. They were my favourite colour, and whenever pay day came around I would buy a few pairs. I couldn't bring myself to open my last packet!