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    These memories tell a unique story of M&S through the eyes of our customers and employees

    My mum looks great in the 50s inspired 125 dress - now I know what she looked like when she was young!

    My earliest memory of Marks & Sparks is going shopping with my mum and younger sister to buy new pants, socks and an outfit for Whitsuntide. On Whit Sunday we would dress in our new clothes and parade amongst family.

    Lynne Barrett

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    Going to the stall in the Grainger Market in Newcastle, the first of M&S if I remember right, it was called a penny stall.
    susan henderson
    My first memory was going to the penny bazaar in Newcastle upon Tyne.
    Ros Cassidy
    My earliest memory of M&S was my nan telling me stories of when as a little girl herself they used to shop when it was called 1d bazzar! I am now 64 years old. Then, when I started shopping in Marks & Spencer it was before self service, and each department had it's very own counter. Priceless!!!!!
    Linda Goldsmith
    I remember the original Marks & Spencer. To me it was a magic cave. I can't remember any doors. It opened straight onto the street. I suppose it would have been wooden shutters. It was an enchanted dawdle.

    I’ll never forget my first (and second!) Melting Middle Chocolate Pudding. I’d seen the advert, but there was a run on them at my local store so it was a little while before I could get any. There are two in a pack but I’d eaten all the evidence by the time my housemate got home!

    Selena, 35, Chester