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    These memories tell a unique story of M&S through the eyes of our customers and employees

    My mum looks great in the 50s inspired 125 dress - now I know what she looked like when she was young!

    My earliest memory of Marks & Sparks is going shopping with my mum and younger sister to buy new pants, socks and an outfit for Whitsuntide. On Whit Sunday we would dress in our new clothes and parade amongst family.

    Lynne Barrett

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    Working for M&S selling menswear. I had some very strange converstations about mens underwear and what different people called them!
    Carolyn Taylor
    I am still wearing my Marks & Spencer cotton vest. It is thirty two years old and I wore it as a young sailor on board HMS Fearless during the Falklands conflict. It even has my name, D Cruickshanks stamped on it.
    David Cruickshanks

    As a school child it was always a real treat to have a packed lunch for a school trip with M&S food. The crisps were, and still are, the best available. I also remember the gold, foil-wrapped tea cakes which seemed huge.