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    These memories tell a unique story of M&S through the eyes of our customers and employees

    My mum looks great in the 50s inspired 125 dress - now I know what she looked like when she was young!

    My earliest memory of Marks & Sparks is going shopping with my mum and younger sister to buy new pants, socks and an outfit for Whitsuntide. On Whit Sunday we would dress in our new clothes and parade amongst family.

    Lynne Barrett

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    When I used to go shopping with my Mum we would go to various shops and although I never thought of my Mum as a snob, she always told me to keep the Marks and Spencer bag on the outside (so everyone could see). Mum was a great advocate for the store I wish I could go shopping with her once more :-)
    I remember being dressed completely in M&S clothes at the age of 15, and of being extremely proud of the fact!
    Jill Hamilton
    Diving in and out of the rails of new clothes while my mum made her choices. Also, asking my mum in a big loud voice "What's ling-ery?"
    Amanda Wright
    In the summer of 1967 my Mum bought me a new dress from M&S, it was pastel stripes, with a bodice and skirt with a tie at the back and white braiding down the front. It was my favourite childhood dress and I called it my rainbow dress. It was washed dozens of times and always looked smart.
    Sheila Thompson
    Red T bar summer sandals
    Jackie Terry
    I was 17 years old when I started work at Marks & Spencer in Stevenage 1973. I was so excited as I was going to work on the food section and it was such a joy to see all the lovely food coming in. We were very strict with the date codes and would count our chickens every day, I loved every minute.
    Beverley Hoy
    I remember holidays away with my parents. We got to see most of the country and visit all the local M&S stores! My mother, an employee, just couldn't resist taking a look for any "different lines" they might stock.