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Stories from M&S Sheet Music

Did you know that sheet music was a bestselling product at M&S in the 1910s? Music can be beneficial for people with dementia by reducing anxiety and lifting mood. We've created a free resource pack and made recordings of music held in the archive to help your group explore our collection of sheet music. Find out more here.

Image Packs

Download our free image packs containing large colourful images with notes and tips for the group leader:

Marking Moments

Our free, seasonal newsletter contains archive images and activities to try at home. Carers' notes are provided for each issue, giving more information to aid in-depth discussion. Download it here.

Exhibition visits

The archive in Leeds is full of treasures that can evoke memories and help with reminiscence. Relive the fashions of the past with our clothing collection, remember the tastes of the yesterday with our food packaging and see if you can spot something familiar amongst our homeware and toys.

To arrange a free guided tour of the exhibition with a handling and reminiscence session, contact us on 0208 7182800 or email us at

All groups will be offered free refreshments. Our building is fully wheelchair accessible and we have two blue badge spaces that can be used by groups visiting in minibuses.

Memory Boxes

Reminiscence therapy can improve mood, wellbeing and some mental abilities such as memory. Our Memory Boxes contain original clothing and accessories that can be used as memory prompts and to stimulate conversation.

The boxes can be borrowed free of charge for a maximum of two weeks, contact us on 0208 7182800 or email us at for more information.


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Sue OConnor, Whitley Bridge, Nr Doncaster
Tuesday 11 December
This is a fabulous approach to people, carers and organisations supporting with Dementia. I work for Tunstall Healthcare another Yorkshire company who have been around for over 60 years providing pendant alarms and assistive technologies. We are a Dementia friendly organisation and I have Dementia Champions in my team. Apart from planning to visit your exhibition myself I will tell our customers about your Memory cafes. As an organisation Tunstall may also look to use your venue as a meeting place.
michelle davies, stocks hall residential home, st.helens.
Thursday 11 June
Hi I'm realy interested in this could you send me information about access this please
Archive Team, Leeds
Thursday 27 August
Hi Michelle, Thanks for your message. If you could email us at we can reply with some more details.